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Unturned Moderator Guidelines

Discussion in 'Unturned Moderator Guidelines' started by ItzEdInYourBed, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. ItzEdInYourBed

    Staff Member Owner Forum Administrator Forum Moderator Registered

    Dec 2, 2017
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    These are the guidelines that we expect all moderators to follow.
    You can visit this thread by scrolling all the way down to Staff section. In there you should see Unturned Moderator Guidelines.

    This is to be used for rules not listed below.

    First Offense - /warn
    Second Offense - /warn
    Third Offense - /warn This one should kick them. If you continue to use /warn it will eventually ban them for a day.

    ♦ Racism - /warn NAME Racism 6 This should ban them for a day, 6 is a number of warnings. 6 Warnings auto bans them.

    ♦ Spamming Text Chat - Warn, if persists continue warning or issue 6 warnings if necessary.

    ♦ Confirmed Hacking - Get evidence, so take screenshots using Steam and upload them then "/warn NAME Hacking 6" and contact an admin or the owner. Do NOT confront the player of hacking. Let it be a secret. We want them to continue hacking to get proof.

    ♦ Threatening to DDoS(DoS) or claims to be responsible for a DDoS(DoS) - /warn "NAME" "DDoS Threats" 6
    Contact an admin ASAP.

    ♦ Barricades in town/blocking loot. - Try to find the player, if can't find take screenshots of where it is and report to senior admin.

    ♦ Item Spamming - If small warn, if a lot give 6 warnings. Find out who is item spamming by viewing in the Staff only Discord channel #servers-command-log.


    Green - Needed
    Blue - Optional
    | - Or

    The following are a few commands you should know.

    ♦ /tp "player" | "location" - teleports you to a given player
    ♦ /warn "player" "reason" "amount" - Warns a player using our warning system. Don't forget the ".
    ♦ /heal "name" - heals a given player / leave blank for self-heal
    ♦ /investigate "player" - tells you the player's Steam 64 id.
    ♦ /spy "player" - Takes a screenshot of what the player sees, view screenshot by pressing ESC, used to confirm hacking.
    ♦ /kick "player" "reason" - This disconnects the specified player from the server. EX. /kick "itzedin" "Item Spamming"
    ♦ /alive - shows players alive in arena servers. Useful for when trying to find medkit abusers.

    6 warnings auto bans for a day.

    The repeated offense of these commands can lead to demotion and can change the staff rank permissions forever.

    No directly tping to people please, only tp if they ask for admin.

    If you feel something should be added in here please say so in the comments.

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